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Baron Woodwork Inc.

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About Baron

We are a company founded in 2011 that specializes in high-quality custom cabinetry products. We offer top-notch creative services as well as a strong set of technical skills to provide only the best results for your next project.

We have an innovative team that continually seeks new and better ways to get things done. Baron Woodwork is a leader in custom cabinetry. Our highly skilled team is lead by a Master Carpenter/Cabinetmaker with a European Master’s degree and over 35 years of experience.

We understand that to build the best product possible we need to use only the highest quality materials that are non-toxic and environmentally friendly.  Combined with our incredible attention to detail, Baron Woodwork Inc. stands out for our competitors by the sheer quality in our craftsmanship, evident within every project we take on.

Each project we complete meets or exceeds our customer’s expectations, and you can be assured that this will be no different for you. We re fully insured to protect you and our team and we create a healthy and safe workplace for all parties involved. 

Baron Woodwork offers a variety of specialized services and products. We are able to do customize all our services and products to fit your tastes and requirements. Baron Woodwork is also capable of providing specialized and custom solutions to complicated scenarios.

Professional, fully insured, WCB covered.

No job is to small for us.

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Affordable cabinetry will be produced by using the latest technology in our Parksville shop location.

We use water-based industrial spray-paint lacquer, varnish and stains for our products. Environmentally friendly materials. Office cabinets can also be provided.

We find custom solutions that can work within your budget.

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With Baron

  • Over 35 years of experience.
  • Choose from a number of different services that we specialize in. We are able to do customize your experience and offer you these products and much more.
  • We are capable of providing specialized and custom solutions to complicated scenarios. Bring in a quote from a competitor and we will match it.
  • We stand by our high quality. If you are not satisfied with the product, we will make it to your satisfaction (in your contract).
  • High-quality but affordable custom cabinetry products.
  • We like to build long term relationships with our customers, and we have customers they have done several complete home renovations over several years of different houses including cabinetry.